Interior designers, just love mirrors and use them in almost every interior that they design, but why ? Mirrors come in all colours, shapes, styles and sizes and can be used in different ways to create different effects.  A large mirror, small mirror, round mirror, wall mirror, decorative mirror, full length mirror are only a few available. Here are a few tips from our interior designer Jayne of how to use a mirror in your home.

Ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you mirrors can be pretty magical – and we’re not talking fairytale queens and princesses here. Forget genies and their wishes, godmothers and their magic wands – if you want a home that’s the best, brightest and most spacious of them all, some carefully selected and cleverly placed mirrors are all you need.

Expand your horizons
Working with an impossibly tight space? Alongside small prints, a pale colour palette and carefully curated key pieces of furniture, you can create an illusion of space with large mirrors. The most effective are floor mirrors, which create a feeling of height, as well as space. Where you wish to lengthen a wall, choose a long, skinny mirror turned on its side. If you’re working on a budget, then groups of smaller mirrors of differing shapes can be a cost effective option, and can also add interest while allowing you to run free with your creativity.

Introduce ambience
Have you ever noticed how boutique hotels use mirrors with illuminated edges in their bathrooms? This kind of ambient lighting is a great design hack to instantly create a relaxing sanctuary. There’s no reason you cannot apply the same principle if you want to create a sanctuary-like bathroom in your own home.

Get creative
Feature walls filled with mirrors are a great way of making use of a space that would otherwise lack interest – choose different frame shapes, colours and finish effects, and team them with intermittent framed photos for a feature wall that’s packed with personal touches. Groups of smaller mirrors can also create more depth, without the weight, formality and imposing appearance larger mirrors have.

Showcase statement pieces
Own a beloved piece of furniture you’d like to make the focal point of a room? Placing a mirror alongside it can capture interest while showcasing almost every angle of the piece. This spring is all about the mixing and matching of eras and statement pieces, so consider a mirror that contrasts in design style – where there’s a traditional sideboard, you could go for a modern, angular and simplistic mirror.