6 Tips For The Perfect Black And White Home Deco


 Throughout time interior designers have loved the look of black and white home deco, after all, what is there not to love ? Black and white interiors are elegant, classic, and timeless and they create a wow factor whenever they are used.

It may look easy to design using black and white. but it is not and when done wrong a room can look cold and unwelcoming.  Therefore, before you start painting your first black background, check out 6 tips to creating the perfect black and white room from us here at Home Interiors By Jayne.


Use The Black And White 70/30 Rule

The interior design 70/30 rule is important when creating a black and white interior. The designer below has used white living room walls as a dominant colour and a large black corner sofa has been added to create a perfect balance.


Black and white living room using the interior designer 70/30 rule



Use Different Shades Of Black And White

Shelves are full with different shades of black and shades of white ,  Farrow and Ball alone have pure blacks, blue blacks, soft blacks and warm blacks, brilliant whites, green whites, red whites, yellow whites and grey whites to name just a few.

Question the character of your home and how you want it to look when choosing black and white.  Ask questions – is it a modern home or is it traditional, how much light comes in to a room. Always try a tester first as each shade can look different on different surfaces.

Mix shades using paint, but adding different shades of furniture, accessories and soft furnishings will add texture and interest.

(Below are some black and white room ideas)

Blue-black wall in kitchen Using black and white furniture against blue walls

Striking black background with white accents A statement wall in black and white living room



Hallway walls painted in white paint with hints of pink Walls in living room using white paint with a green tint

White door with white -yellow hint paint Living room with white-grey walls


Mix Textures In Black And White Home Decor

Mixing textures within a black and white room using furniture, textiles, soft furnishings and accessories is a great way to soften an otherwise stark looking interior which gives the feeling of cosiness and luxury.


Bring Patterns And Wall Art Into Black And White Home Deco

Create some drama and bring your room to life by bringing in black and white patterns and wall art.

Think ‘ in your face’ stripes with elegant checks, geometric upholstery with black and white abstract art on the walls.  Mixing these up gives a confident, courageous, cheeky  and ‘ I’m an interior designer’ feel.

Beautiful black and white large artwork Black and white striped wallpaper


Break Up Black And White With Pops Of Colour

Don’t be scared!  Pops of colour are a simple way to soften or add interest to a black and white room.  Subtle use of colour, through furniture or accessories gives feature without distracting from the desired look.



Bring The Outside In

Covid changed our lives, therefore, bringing the outside into out homes through greenery and plants became extremely popular .

Are you reading to pick up your paint brush ?

You have read the 5 tips above, however now it’s time to see what you have learnt .   Therefore, what do you think  the addition of greenery brings to the black and white bathroom ?  Secondly, how would the bathroom feel without the plants ?

Leave your comments, I would love to see what you think !


Bringing the outside in to this beautiful bathroom


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