What Do Interior Designers do ?

I love being asked what interior designers do, it gives me the opportunity to talk about my favourite topic, home interior design and the interior design process.  Choosing furniture and paint colours is certainly part of what I do, but there is much more…

An Interior Designers Services

There are many different interior design services but it depends on the the size of the project and what it requires to which are used.  A designers work begins the moment after an initial meeting with a client which involves discussing there idea with them, a plan is then put in place using the seven elements of interior design.

An interior designer needs to work out the size of the project, more importantly they need to be certain of how the client wants there home to look, function and feel. Therefore, it’s research time to work out how a space can flow harmoniously, what storage can be added, and how that space can function perfectly for the client and their family.

An Interior Designers Ideas

Ideas are presented through mood boards, interior design plans, drawings and visualisations to everyone involved in the project, the client, construction contractors, engineers, architects and trades specialists and only when everyone is happy do they move on.

Interior Designers Mood board

In design development detailed plans of the space are created in 2D and 3D so that the client can visualise their home as clearly as possible.

Together designers and clients select finishes, fittings, lighting and all hardware to ensure that it fits perfectly with the overall design.  A prelimary drawing package and a designer intent is sent for client feedback, and on agreement the designer creates a final drawing package for tender, certification and construction.

Interior Design Planning

Unless instructed otherwise the designer acts as an agent, dealing with builders and other tradesmen and always pushes for the best results possible on an agreed budget.

Client and site meetings are regularly attended, samples are approved, any issues are managed and completion times are kept on track ensuring that the project is finished as close to the timeframe that was agreed.

Interior Designer Styling

Only now is it the curtains and cushions part –

The interior designer curates a considered selection of furniture, art and accessories that bring together the final vision of the project making sure to bring the families personality throughout the home.   Although this may sound like the fun part of interior design, it is a huge task, both a furniture plan and schedule of purchased items is needed to keep track of orders and budget.

Finally the fluffy part, the sterotype of interior designers,  placing furniture, home accessories and soft furnishings, dressing beds and puffing cushions, all the finishing touches to create a beautiful looking end result and that’s it – finished, leaving behind a perfect home and a happy client.

(If you are interested in training as an interior designer, I would highly recommend The National Design Academy who offer different levels of study)