Home Interiors By Jayne is a North West interior design studio that has worked on projects from London to Scotland.  Jayne’s love of interiors started as a teenager , when she used to love visiting show homes on her weekends, taking in the immaculate spaces and changing the designs in her head.

Jayne is proud to have a ‘no set design style ‘ and enjoys bending the rules of interior design.

Her mission is to create unique spaces which reflect the clients’ individual style and interests but often with a twist.

Many of Jaynes’ designs include statement furniture pieces, pops of colour and bespoke furniture but she also has worked on many contemporary interiors and historic properties with beautiful end results.

Jayne specialises in creating innovative and beautiful interiors on private residential and boutique commercial projects and offers the full range of design services from start to completion, including drawings, design, decoration and product sourcing.

We asked Jayne, What makes a house a home?

 ” You will often hear me talk about PFF, Personality, Functionality and Family. Of course a house needs to be beautifully decorated and furnished but it can sometimes still feel like something is missing.    A house must be full of what the client likes, oozing with there personality and each space must function perfectly for the family living there – only then is a house really a home ”

Interior Designer at work