Does Home Staging Work

Home Staging is the art of styling a property to sell.  Enhancing its features allows it  to sell faster and achieve the best possible selling price.
So why have your property staged for sale, what’s the benefit and why spend the money before moving?

Home Staging increases Property value by 8%

Home staging statistics at the UK’s largest property portal Rightmove, reveal that home staged property secures more viewings and offers, commands a higher asking price and on average sell for 8% more than non-staged homes. On a property worth £300,000, that’s a whopping extra £24,000 profit. Well worth the average Home Staging cost at 1-2% of the property price.

68% of homes staged see a 9-12% increase in value

Over 85% of the 4,200 staged homes worldwide surveyed by HSR International saw at least 6-25% more from the sale of their professionally staged home than the home in the same market that was not professionally staged. The largest percentage of results, 68% of the homes actually came in at 9-12% increase.